Solo Professional Consulting and Consultants

Each year we see more and more solo professionals and there are some very good reasons for this. For instance people are living longer and healthier for longer too. They are able to work longer, stay productive, are very alert and have sharp minds. Thus more and more people are retiring and then going back to work as private consultants and solo professionals.Another interesting trend is many consultants are downsizing their small businesses and going solo. Why? Well because unemployment is so low and it is very difficult to keep qualified labor in the office and it takes a long time to train new people. Often other companies will try to steal away your best workers and offer them pay that is out of the doable range for smaller companies.Should you consider going solo? Well those who have gone solo, when surveyed often say it is the smartest thing they ever did and they talk of less stress, less worry and fewer mistakes that they have to fix. Of course if you are not a hard charger and hard worker or you lack discipline then going solo may not be so good. It has so much to do with your level of confidence in yourself and abilities. Perhaps you will consider all this in 2006.